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A story of freshness


Meet Geoff

The Big Scrub was founded in 2021 in beautiful Byron Bay, NSW Australia.


After selling his award winning restaurant 'Project Tokyo', chef Geoff Anstee turned his attention to creating his new signature line of sauces, glazes, marinades and dressings.

"I wanted to give the general public more opportunity to introduce them to my world class flavour creations. We produce all our sauces in the Big Scrub region of NSW, Australia, and we always use organic ingredients from the region when we can. There's just no better than what is produced here."


Using only the best in quality local produce, The Big Scrub endeavors to take the consumer on a flavour journey across the world, with flavours like Spicy Teriyaki, Sticky Orange & BBQ and Yuzu Soy.

"My whole life I've been working on discovering fresh flavours, and working with new and exciting recipes for my food. It's my pleasure to finally be able to introduce them to you all..."

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