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  • Do you ship internationally?
    Unfortunately we do not currently ship our products internationally.
  • Are your sauces Gluten Free?
    Absolutely. All of our sauces are made from high quality, gluten free ingredients.
  • Are your sauces Vegetarian/Vegan friendly?
    Our current range is all Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. Any future products realeased that aren't suitable will always be clearly marked, and indicated in the product decription on our website.
  • Where are you sauces made?
    Our products are all proudly created in 'The Big Scrub', a naturally beautiful, heavily wooded area of NSW, Australia.
  • What is 'The Big Scrub'?
    The Big Scrub was the largest area of subtropical lowland rainforest in eastern Australia. It was intensively cleared for agricultural use in the 19th century (1801–1900) by settlers. Less than 1% now remains. Located on the North Coast of New South Wales, between what is now the towns of Byron Bay (east) and Lismore (west), the core Big Scrub area consisted of an estimated 900 square kilometres of subtropical rainforest. It primarily grows on fertile basalt and floodplain derived soils.
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